Test Your Math’s Skills With Poker Arithmetic

August 4, 2012

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Poker has always been a first choice to learn among every breed of casino players. Notably, poker is considered as a skilled game that requires you to possess some arithmetic skills to gain an edge over your competitors. Poker, basically, is a cards manipulating game that involves constructing best cards hand rankings. Nowadays, out of various poker forms, its community cards model is the widely played poker game, perhaps, it’s primarily a poker variant found in various poker tournaments held throughout the year. Texas Hold’em and Omaha are two popular poker forms based on community cards model wherein only few cards are initially dealt to each participating player, and rest cards have to be picked up from common community cards. Since these community cards, as they known, are available to every player, it’s player’s skill that calculates his required card’s probability to build up a better hand ranking than others.


Cards Arithmetic

Before moving, let’s understand how card’s probability works. A standard deck of 52 cards contains 52 cards – 13 cards of four suits. Further, each suit has thirteen cards, i.e., 1 to 10, and three face cards: jack, queen, and king. Before using arithmetic calculation to find out player’s chances in the game, a player needs to develop some social skills to know about the initial hole cards of other players, then he can precisely calculate his odds of being dealt with his required cards. Suppose, in a ring table poker game, there’re five players sitting one next to other. If first player sitting just left to the dealer has hole cards as 7d, 9c, and community cards came as 8c, 10s, 5c. In this situation, he will naturally target a straight hand ranking, but he is missing one more card that could either be a 6 or J.

So, his target cards are out of four 6 cards and four J cards, i.e. 8 cards in total. If he, somehow, comes to know that only one player out of others has a 6, his probable winning card’s number comes to 7 cards out of remaining cards in the deck of cards. Now, his probability comes to 7 cards out of 39 (52-10-3) remaining cards, i.e. 7/39.


Guessing Player’s Position in a Casino Game

Poker is well-disciplined casino game, and everyone knows about its ins and outs and how a player can guess about other player’s position in a game. So, it has become a real challenging task to interpret other player’s hole cards and use it for own professional interest. It takes lots of practice and time to master these off game analytical skills to master one of the most difficult casino games ever, i.e., Poker!

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